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Two of the major cognitive theories of depression, the theory of Beck [Beck, A. T. (1967). Depression: clinical, experimental and theoretical aspects. New York: Harper & Row. and Beck, A. T. (1987) Cognitive models of depression. Journal of Cognitive Psychotherapy: an International Quarterly, 1, 5-37] and the hopelessness theory [Abramson, Metalsky, &(More)
advantage of 1 1% for N12 over NCo376 and NCo293 in the idl lands, which translates into a benefit of R1 7,4 million per The main varieties used in the Midlands North area between annum for the KwaZulu-Natal This estimate was 1983184 and 1996197, were evaluated empirically and their presumably based on the assumption that no factor, other than benefit:cost(More)
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