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A 32-Site 4-Channel High-Density Electrode Array for a Cochlear Prosthesis
This paper describes a 32-site 4-channel high-density intracochlear electrode array with on-board integrated electronics for neural stimulation and recording. Expand
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A high-density electrode array for a cochlear prosthesis
This paper reports a high-density cochlear electrode array integrated with an articulated backing device. Fabricated on a silicon substrate, the device offers stimulating sites on a pitch of 250 /splExpand
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A 32-Site 4-Channel Cochlear Electrode Array
A thin-film cochlear electrode array has been developed to improve pitch perception and reduce insertion damage. Expand
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A cochlear electrode array with built-in position sensing
A modiolus-hugging thin-film electrode array is being developed for a cochlear prosthesis. The array contains embedded sensors for position and wall contact in order to minimize tissue damage duringExpand
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