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DWDM 40 G transmission over trans-Pacific distance (10,000 km) casing CSRZ-DPSK, enhanced FEC and all-Raman amplified 100 km UltraWave/spl trade/ fiber spans
We demonstrate error-free DWDM transmission of forty 40 Gbit/s channels with 100 GHz spacing over 10,000 km dispersion-managed fiber using CSRZ-DPSK, enhanced FEC and all-Raman amplified spans withExpand
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DWDM 40G transmission over trans-pacific distance (10 000 km) using CSRZ-DPSK, enhanced FEC, and all-Raman-amplified 100-km UltraWave fiber spans
We demonstrate error-free dense-wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) transmission of 40 40-Gb/s channels with 100-GHz spacing over 10 000 km dispersion-managed fiber using carrier-suppressedExpand
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A 10-bit, 500 MS/s analog-to-digital converter
High-speed, high-resolution analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) are key components for advanced digital receivers and high-speed instruments. A 10-bit ADC was designed and fabricated with aExpand
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50Gb/s 3.3V logic ICs in InP-HBT technology
50Gb/s 3.3V InP-HBT logic ICs with 6ps rise time and 1200mVpp output swing include: D-flip-flop, double-edge triggered flip-flop, dividers, a frequency doubler, XOR/OR gates, and a 1:2 fanout buffer.Expand