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Thin AMC Structure for Radar Cross-Section Reduction
A thin artificial magnetic conductor (AMC) structure is designed and breadboarded for radar cross-section (RCS) Reduction applications. The design presented in this paper shows the advantage ofExpand
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AMC Low Profile Wideband Reference Antenna for GPS and GALILEO Systems
Satellite positioning systems, like GPS and Galileo, require ground reference antennas with high quality radiation performance. Expand
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Low Profile GALILEO Antenna Using EBG Technology
A dedicated low profile antenna for geodesic applications is presented. This type of antenna requires mitigation of multipath signals to achieve sub-centimeter level of precision. Typically, bulkyExpand
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Submillimeter Wave Frequency Selective Surface With Polarization Independent Spectral Responses
This paper reports the design, construction and electromagnetic performance of a new freestanding frequency selective surface (FSS) structure which generates coincident spectral responses for dualExpand
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A Combined 380 GHz Mixer/Doubler Circuit Based on Planar Schottky Diodes
The design, fabrication and test of a combined sub-millimeter wave mixer/doubler featuring a 380 GHz sub-harmonic mixer and a 190 GHz frequency doubler on a single quartz based microstrip circuit isExpand
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EBG Enhanced Feeds for the Improvement of the Aperture Efficiency of Reflector Antennas
We describe the use of electromagnetic bandgap (EBG) super-layers to improve the shape of reflectors illumination function. Following an investigation of the leaky wave pole singularities of the EBGExpand
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Leaky wave enhanced feed arrays for the improvement of the edge of coverage gain in multibeam reflector antennas
The performance of multibeam focal plane arrays feeding a single aperture is usually reduced due to conflicting requirements on the feed elements. Dense packing is usually required to minimize theExpand
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Antennas for terahertz applications
Interest in terahertz science has expanded rapidly in recent years due largely to the advent of new RF components and new fast-pulse optical time domain spectroscopic techniques. The two traditionalExpand
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Microfabrication of 3D terahertz circuitry
Advances in micro-fabrication techniques combined with accurate simulation tools has provided the means for the realisation of complex terahertz circuitry. Silicon micro-machining provides the wayExpand
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Resonant Meta-Surface Superstrate for Single and Multifrequency Dipole Antenna Arrays
The design of a multifrequency dipole antenna array based on a resonant meta-surface superstrate is proposed. The behavior of a single element that is closely placed to a meta-surface isExpand
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