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Phylogenetic system and zoogeography of the Plecoptera.
  • P. Zwick
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Annual review of entomology
  • 2000
Information about the phylogenetic relationships of Plecoptera is summarized. The few characters supporting monophyly of the order are outlined. Several characters of possible significance for theExpand
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HANSEN, M. (1997): Phylogeny and classification of the staphyliniform beetle families (Coleoptera)
In less than a decade, M. Hansen published several major interrelated books on beetles. The first of these, in 1991, was a detailed morphological and phylogenetic account of the Hydrophiloidea,Expand
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Key to the West Palaearctic genera of stoneflies (Plecoptera) in the larval stage
Abstract An illustrated dichotomous key to larvae of all genera of Plecoptera in the West Palaearctic region (i.e., Europe, Asia Minor and the Palaearctic part of northern Africa) is presented. BriefExpand
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The Plecoptera – who are they? The problematic placement of stoneflies in the phylogenetic system of insects
There is no consensus about the relations of Plecoptera with other insects. Very different sistergroup relationships have been proposed in the literature, several of which are discussed. TheExpand
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Stream habitat fragmentation — a threat to biodiversity
  • P. Zwick
  • Biology
  • Biodiversity & Conservation
  • 1 June 1992
Biodiversity is undisturbed rhithral streams in central Europe is high, with about 1000 resident metazoan species; over 600 insect species occur in the Fulda river (Germany). Longitudinal downstreamExpand
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Plecoptera collected with Malaise traps in South Korea were studied. The material comprised 25 identified species, including seven new species, and six new records for Korea. The genus DespaxiaExpand
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The Bornean Species of the Stonefly Genus Neoperla (Plecoptera: Perlidae)
The Bornean species of the perlid genus Neoperla are described. The fauna includes representatives of the clymene‐ and montivaga‐groups. Several species-complexes within these groups areExpand
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Variable egg development of Dinocras spp. (Plecoptera, Perlidae) and the stonefly seed bank theory
1. Temperature dependence of egg development of Dinocras cephalotes (Curtis) (three German and one Norwegian population) and Slovenian D. megacephala (Klapalek) was studied under a constant 14 : 10Expand
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Revision of the stonefly family eustheniidae (Plecoptera), with emphasis on the fauna of the Australian region
The revision includes diagnoses of the family and its subfamilies. Keys to genera and species are provided. Descriptions of known species are supplemented or corrected. Several new synonymies areExpand
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