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Preparation of 2,6-dinitro-p-toluic acid from p-toluic acid
Several methods for the preparation of 3,5-DNBA are known [3, 5-7]. However, these methods have a number of important disadvantages: extremely high excesses of acid (15-60 parts of volume), low yield
Nitriding Process Failure Prevention
Safe functioning of the technological setups intended to carry out potentially dangerous exothermal processes such as nitriding is based on the principle of preventing the development of dangerous
Preparation of 3,5-dinitrobenzoic acid from meta-nitrobenzoic acid
The two methods known for obtaining 3,5-DNBA are by the oxidation of 3,5-dinitrotoluene [7] and 1,5-dinitronaphthalene [2], and by the nitration of benzoic or meta-nitrobenzoic acids [i, 4, 5, 8].