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Isolated Atrioventricular Block in the Fetus: A Retrospective, Multinational, Multicenter Study of 175 Patients
Risk factors associated with a poor outcome were gestation <20 weeks, ventricular rate ⩽50 bpm, hydrops, and impaired left ventricular function, and no significant effect of treatment with fluorinated corticosteroids was seen. Expand
Myocardial hypertrophy and dysfunction in maternal diabetes.
A score for grading the severity of fetal diastolic dysfunction in fetuses of diabetic mothers with (and without) myocardial hypertrophy is proposed and a number of new echocardiographic parameters discussed in this article are proposed. Expand
World experience of percutaneous ultrasound-guided balloon valvuloplasty in human fetuses with severe aortic valve obstruction.
The early clinical experience of percutaneous ultrasound-guided fetal balloon valvuloplasty in human fetuses with severe aortic valve obstruction has been poor due to selection of severe cases, technical problems during the procedure, and high postnatal operative mortality in fetuses who survived gestation. Expand
Abnormal position of the brachiocephalic vein.
This study describes cross-sectional echocardiographic features in 7 patients in whom the left brachiocephalic vein ran beneath the aortic arch before communicating with the right brachiospeciesic vein. Expand
Assessment of diastolic ventricular function in fetuses of diabetic mothers using tissue Doppler
Pulsed tissue Doppler shows evidence of impaired diastolic function, independently of the presence of myocardial hypertrophy in fetuses of diabetic mothers, in comparison tofetuses of nondiabetic mothers. Expand
New lead for in utero pacing for fetal congenital heart block.
The purpose of this article is to describe a new lead for percutaneous implantation that minimizes surgical trauma to both the fetus and the mother. Expand
Intrauterine ductus arteriosus constriction: analysis of a historic cohort of 20 cases.
OBJECTIVE To describe the relative incidence, presentation, and evolvement of fetuses with early ductus constriction. METHODS Twenty fetal echocardiograms indicating ductus constriction wereExpand
Prenatal Effects of Maternal Consumption of Polyphenol-Rich Foods in Late Pregnancy upon Fetal Ductus Arteriosus
New observations and findings are presented that may influence dietary orientation during pregnancy, especially of polyphenols, when ingested during the third trimester of pregnancy, which may influence the dynamics of fetal ductus arteriosus flow. Expand
[Short- and long- term results of percutaneous balloon valvuloplasty in pulmonary valve stenosis].
Percutaneous balloon valvuloplasty was effective and safe for the treatment of pulmonary valve stenosis with excellent short- and long-term results. Expand
Maternal-fetal attachment and prenatal diagnosis of heart disease.
D diagnosis of fetal heart disease increases the level of maternal-fetal attachment, and migration from medium to high level of attachment was significantly higher in FHD than in groups without this diagnosis. Expand