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Enhancement of reactivity in Li4SiO4-based sorbents from the nano-sized rice husk ash for high-temperature CO2 capture
Abstract Using the cost-effective, renewable and nano-sized of citric acid pretreatment rice husk ash (CRHA) as silicon source, high efficient Li 4 SiO 4 (lithium orthosilicate)-based sorbents
High temperature capture of CO2 on lithium-based sorbents from rice husk ash.
Thermal analyses indicated a much better CO(2) absorption in Li(4)SiO(4)-based sorbent prepared from RHA1 (higher metal content sample) because the activation energies for the chemisorption process and diffusion process were smaller than that of pure Li( 4)Si O(4).RHA1-based Sorbent also maintained higher capacities during the multiple cycles.
Role of MgxCa1−xCO3 on the physical–chemical properties and cyclic CO2 capture performance of dolomite by two-step calcination
Abstract Two-step calcination (CO 2 and N 2 atmospheres) was used to modify the microstructure of natural dolomite for high-temperature CO 2 capture. Two other one-step calcinations (CO 2 or N 2
Mechanism of a green graphene oxide reduction with reusable potassium carbonate
A green method for the deoxygenation of graphene oxide (GO) was developed using K2CO3 as a reusable reduction agent. The size and thickness of the reduced GO are less than 1 μm and around 0.85 nm,
Synthesis of a highly efficient Li4SiO4 ceramic modified with a gluconic acid-based carbon coating for high-temperature CO2 capture
A unique gluconic acid treatment coupled with a carbon coating process was used to synthesize Li4SiO4 ceramics (GAC-Li4SiO4) with superior performance for high-temperature CO2 capture. The effects of
Molten sodium-fluoride-promoted high-performance Li4SiO4-based CO2 sorbents at low CO2 concentrations
Abstract Highly efficient NaF-doped Li 4 SiO 4 sorbents were synthesized by sacrificial carbon template technology to overcome their typical kinetic limitations at low CO 2 concentrations. The
Natural dolomite modified with carbon coating for cyclic high-temperature CO2 capture
An efficient MgO-stabilized CaO sorbent via the citric acid treated dolomite coupled with carbonization process (denoted as carbon coating) was developed for CO2 capture at high temperature. The
Fabrication of conductive elastic nanocomposites via framing intact interconnected graphene networks
Abstract Electrically conductive elastic nanocomposites with well-organized graphene architectures offer significant improvement in various properties. However, achieving desirable graphene
Low-cycle fatigue behaviors of a new type of 10% Cr martensitic steel and welded joint with Ni-based weld metal
Abstract In the present work, Ni-based filler metal was used to weld a new type of 10% Cr martensitic steel. Due to the microstructure and chemical composition difference between martensitic steel
Cyclic CO2 capture of CaO-based sorbent in the presence of metakaolin and aluminum (hydr)oxides
Abstract Metakaolin was added to CaO in an effort to improve the reversibility in carbonation cycles. The modified CaO-based sorbents were tested for their CO2 capture behavior through 25