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Squark and gluino production at hadron colliders
We have determined the theoretical predictions for the cross-sections of squark and gluino production at p¯ p and pp colliders (Tevatron and LHC) in next-to-leading order of supersymmetric QCD. ByExpand
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Stop production at hadron colliders
Abstract Stop particles are expected to be the lightest squarks in supersymmetric theories and the search for these particles is an important experimental task. We therefore present the crossExpand
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Pair production of scalar leptoquarks at the CERN LHC
Theoretical predictions for the production cross sections of leptoquarks at the CERN LHC are presented including higher-order QCD corrections. These corrections reduce the dependence on theExpand
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Production of Higgs bosons in proton colliders: QCD corrections
Abstract Gluon fusion is the main production mechanism for Higgs bosons in pp collisions at LHC and SSC. We present the QCD corrections to the fusion cross section in the Higgs mass range below theExpand
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Production of Charginos, Neutralinos, and Sleptons at Hadron Colliders
We analyze the production of charginos, neutralinos, and sleptons at the hadron colliders Tevatron and LHC in the direct channels p{ovr p}/pp{r_arrow}{tilde {chi}}{sub i}{tilde {chi}}{sub j}+X andExpand
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The Production of Charginos/Neutralinos and Sleptons at Hadron Colliders
We analyse the production of charginos/neutralinos and sle ptons at the hadron colliders Tevatron and LHC in the direct channels: pp̄/pp → χ̃iχ̃j + X and l̃ ̄̃ l′ + X. The cross sections for theseExpand
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Scaling violations in inclusive e + e - annihilation spectra
The origin of the observed scaling violations in inclusive e+e- annihilation is investigated. Perturbative jet evolution is not necessarily the only reason for scale breaking in the hadron spectra atExpand
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Production of Higgs bosons in proton colliders
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The Higgs Sector of the Next-to-Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model
Abstract The Higgs boson spectrum of the next-to-minimal supersymmetric standard model is examined. The model includes a singlet Higgs field S in addition to the two Higgs doublets of the minimalExpand
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QCD — 20 Years Later
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