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Dim and bright spots as indicators of the Zechstein Main Dolomite hydrocarbon reservoir in Poland
AbstractThe Upper Permian carbonates of the second Zechstein evaporite (Stassfurt PZ2) cyclothem, the Main Dolomite (Ca2), constitute Poland’s most prolific oil play. An analysis of the Ca2 reservoir
Nitrogen Source for the Main Dolomite Natural Gas in the Sulecin Isolated Platform Area – Verification of Existing Theory
In the Southern Zechstein Basin there is an exploration risk related with high nitrogen content in the Main Dolomite (Ca2) reservoir. Existing theory of nitrogen-rich gases origin in Ca2 reservoirs
Incidence of acute allergic reactions to contrast medium following CT examination on the basis of analysis of medical record data – preliminary report
Using Ultravist 370 in patients is safe, since there is very low risk of adverse side effects caused by the application of this contrast medium, and doctors referring patients to a CT examination should take care of their own safety by properly preparing themselves for this procedure.
Is MIBG really of no use in the diagnosis of heart failure?
The aim of this letter is to suggest the need for reappraisal of the decision in the light of the evidence from the literature review of 123I-MIBG scintigraphy, which helps to assess the risk of mortality due to cardiovascular disease and potentially life-threatening ventricular arrhythmias.