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Double crystal diffractometry for the characterization of targets for laser fusion experiments
The application of a double-crystal diffractometer for the production of X-ray Schlieren topographs is described. The experimental arrangement is optimized on the basis of a wave-optical descriptionExpand
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Advanced GeSn/SiGeSn Group IV Heterostructure Lasers
Abstract Growth and characterization of advanced group IV semiconductor materials with CMOS‐compatible applications are demonstrated, both in photonics. The investigated GeSn/SiGeSn heterostructuresExpand
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Epitaxial growth of praseodymium oxide on silicon
Abstract Praseodymium oxide is a potential high-K dielectric with promising electrical properties. Here, we present results for crystalline growth of praseodymium oxide on Si. On Si(001) surfaces,Expand
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Growth of crystalline praseodymium oxide on silicon
Abstract We present the results for crystalline growth of praseodymium oxide on Si as a potential high- K dielectric with promising electrical properties. All layer growth experiments were performedExpand
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Monolithic integrated SAW filter based on AlN for high-frequency applications
Integrated AlN/SiO2/Si (1 0 0) delay lines for Rayleigh surface acoustic waves (SAWs) with resonant frequencies up to 3.4 GHz were fabricated using a new CMOS compatible concept. DifferentExpand
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Solid-state reaction between Pr and SiO2 studied by photoelectron spectroscopy and ab initio calculations
Abstract We report on the structural and electrical properties of Pr-based high-k dielectric films fabricated by solid-state reaction between metallic Pr and SiO2 underlayers. A non-destructive depthExpand
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Ultrathin Dielectric Films Grown by Solid Phase Reaction of Pr with SiO 2
We have fabricated Pr-based high- k gate dielectric films by physical vapor deposition of metallic Pr on SiO 2 under ultra-high vacuum (UHV) conditions at room temperature, followed by oxidation andExpand
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Structure and thickness-dependent lattice parameters of ultrathin epitaxial Pr2O3 films on Si(001)
Pr2O3 grown heteroepitaxially on Si(001) is a promising candidate for applications as a high-k dielectric in future silicon-based microelectronics devices. The technologically important thicknessExpand
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Low threading dislocation density Ge deposited on Si (100) using RPCVD
Abstract Epitaxial Ge layer growth of low threading dislocation density (TDD) and low surface roughness on Si (1 0 0) surface is investigated using a single wafer reduced pressure chemical vaporExpand
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Strain analysis in SiN/Ge microstructures obtained via Si-complementary metal oxide semiconductor compatible approach
We have analyzed the strain distribution and the photoluminescence in Ge microstructures fabricated by means of a Si-CMOS compatible method. The tensile strain in the Ge microstructures is obtainedExpand
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