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On the possibility of coherent cyclotron emission from extrasolar planets
A model of the coherent cyclotron emission from extrasolar planets is presented. Scaling laws known to operate in our solar system (including scaling laws of planetary magnetic fields and theExpand
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On detection of radio bursts associated with Jovian and Saturnian lightning
Enregistrement par Voyager de sursauts radio provenant de l'atmosphere equatoriale de Saturne. On ne detecte aucune emission semblable provenant de Jupiter, quoiqu'une activite de foudre existeExpand
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Source characteristics of Jovian narrow‐band kilometric radio emissions
New observations of Jovian narrow-band kilometric (nKOM) radio emissions were made by the Unified Radio and Plasma Wave (URAP) experiment on the Ulysses spacecraft during the Ulysses-JupiterExpand
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Ulysses observations of escaping VLF emissions from Jupiter
The Ulysses URAP experiment has detected Jovian radio emissions in the VLF range at distances from Jupiter in excess of 1.5 A.U. The URAP observations represent the first synoptic observations ofExpand
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Restrictions on the characteristics of Neptunian lightning
Although lightning-triggered whistlers were detected by the Voyager 2 plasma wave experiment at Neptune, only four possible lightning sferics were detected by the planetary radio astronomyExpand
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The science case for an orbital mission to Uranus: exploring the origins and evolution of ice giant planets
Giant planets helped to shape the conditions we see in the Solar System today and they account for more than 99% of the mass of the Sun's planetary system. They can be subdivided into the Ice GiantsExpand
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Magnetospheric and Plasma Science with Cassini-Huygens
Magnetospheric and plasma science studies at Saturn offer a unique opportunity to explore in-depth two types of magnetospheres. These are an ‘induced’ magnetosphere generated by the interaction ofExpand
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Long‐term modulations of Saturn's auroral radio emissions by the solar wind and seasonal variations controlled by the solar ultraviolet flux
[1] Saturn's auroral activities have been suggested to be controlled by the seasonal variations of the polar ionospheric conductivities and atmospheric conditions associated with the solar extremeExpand
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The radio waves and thermal electrostatic noise spectroscopy (SORBET) experiment on BEPICOLOMBO/MMO/PWI: Scientific objectives and performance
Abstract SORBET ( Spectroscopie des Ondes Radio and du Bruit Electrostatique Thermique ) is a radio HF spectrometer designed for the radio and Plasma Waves Instrument onboard BepiColombo/MercuryExpand
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