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Jason of Nysa and Jason of Argos
The Murderers of Kotys the Thracian: From Demosthenes to Diogenes Laertios
In 360/359 BC , Kotys, king of the Odrysian Thracians, was killed by two brothers of Ainos. Confusion, however, soon arose around their identity. The aim of this article is to reconstruct and analyzeExpand
Ariston of Chios’ Meeting with Polemon and Zenon’s Illness: An Exegetical Note on Diog. Laert. 7,162
Diogenes Laertios (7,162), citing the late Hellenistic biographer and doxographer Diokles of Magnesia, reports that the ‘dissident’ Stoic Ariston of Chios, after meeting the Academic Polemon, leftExpand