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Sexual Cannibalism in the Praying Mantis Hierodula Membranacea
We tested the idea that sexual cannibalism increases male and female fecundity in the mantid Hierodula membranacea. Two experiments were performed, in the first we maintained females on one of threeExpand
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Haemodynamic, invasive and echocardiographic monitoring in the hypertensive parturient.
AIM To determine the clinical usefulness of invasive and non-invasive haemodynamic assessment in pre-eclampsia. METHOD A systematic review of the literature was undertaken, using a MEDLINEExpand
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Reducing Risk by Improving Standards of Intrapartum Fetal Care
Summary Confidential Enquiries into Stillbirths and Deaths in Infancy (CESDI) have pointed to a high frequency of suboptimal intrapartum fetal care of a kind that, in the event of an adverse outcome,Expand
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Prevalence of allergic sensitization to imported fire ants in children living in an endemic region of the southeastern United States.
BACKGROUND Imported fire ant (IFA) stings are common in children in the southeastern United States, but little is known about antibody responses to stings. OBJECTIVES To examine the prevalence ofExpand
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Fire ants represent an important risk for anaphylaxis among residents of an endemic region.
BACKGROUND Imported fire ants (IFA) represent a potential anaphylactic risk to IFA-sensitized individuals. OBJECTIVE We examined the prevalence of allergic sensitization to IFA, yellow jacket venomExpand
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Relationship between extremely low total serum IgE levels and rhinosinusitis.
BACKGROUND The few studies examining clinical manifestations in adults with serum IgE levels less than 2.0 IU/mL provide conflicting information. OBJECTIVE To examine self-reported respiratoryExpand
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Prevalence of allergic sensitivity to imported fire ants in children from an endemic region
Abstract Rationale Children living in endemic regions for imported fire ants (IFA) are subject to frequent IFA stings. Little is known about the epidemiology of sensitization to IFA in children.Expand
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The management of breech presentation at term
Three to four percent of singleton pregnancies at term are complicated by breech presentation. The management options are to offer external cephalic version, to perform planned caesarean section orExpand
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Sensitization to bald cypress and cross-reactivity with red cedar in Northeastern Georgia.
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The weeping olive tree