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Substrate integrated folded waveguides (SIFW) and filters
A substrate integrated folded waveguide (SIFW), integrated transition to shielded stripline and a SIFW filter are demonstrated and shown to be in good agreement with X band measurements. Both theExpand
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Compact folded waveguides
A folded waveguide structure is presented farmed from microwave laminates as a space saving alternative of the rectangular waveguide. It is shown that the folded waveguide results in a widthExpand
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Millimeter-wave substrate integrated waveguides and filters in photoimageable thick-film technology
This paper presents the design and fabrication of substrate-integrated waveguides and filters for use at millimeter-wave frequencies. The components described are fabricated using photoimageableExpand
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Integrated waveguide slot antennas
Waveguide slot antennas integrated on microwave laminate are presented, and single and dual slot antennas are described, which operate at 10 GHz.
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Slot antenna on C type compact substrate integrated waveguide
A slot antenna using a C type substrate integrated waveguide is presented in this paper. By using the C type compact waveguide it is possible to produce a smaller waveguide slot antenna than the oneExpand
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Single-Feed Ultra-Wideband Circularly Polarized Antenna With Enhanced Front-to-Back Ratio
This communication presents a single-feed ultra-wideband circularly polarized (CP) antenna with high front-to-back ratio (FBR). The antenna is composed of two orthogonally placed elliptical dipolesExpand
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Fabrication, RF characteristics and mechanical stability of self-assembled 3D microwave inductors
Abstract We present a method for the fabrication of vertical inductors for radio-frequency and microwave applications. This process uses five levels of lithography and electroplating, with noExpand
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Half mode substrate integrated waveguide slot antenna
In this paper, we demonstrate a half mode Substrate Integrated Waveguide “SIW” slot antenna. According to the test results of fabrication, the size of original antenna is reduced to half, and stillExpand
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Millimeter Wave Substrate Integrated Waveguide Antennas: Design and Fabrication Analysis
The paper presents a new concept in antenna design, whereby a photo-imageable thick-film process is used to integrate a waveguide antenna within a multilayer structure. This has yielded a veryExpand
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MEMS high Q microwave inductors using solder surface tension self-assembly
We present microwave inductors of 1.5 to 2.5 nH fabricated out-of-plane by a self-assembly process. The consequent de-coupling from the substrate allows improved Q (from 4 to 20) and frequency ofExpand
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