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The effect of glass‐resin interface strength on the impact strength of fiber reinforced plastics
The effect of glass-resin interface strength on the impact energy of glass fabric (style 181) reinforced epoxy and polyester laminates has been determined. The interface strength was altered byExpand
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Effect of ply constraint on fatigue damage development in composite material laminates
It is shown that the effects of constraint on the response of composite materials can be classified as (1) in-plane effects, and (2) through-the-thickness effects; with in-plane constraint being theExpand
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Maximizing MFL ILI Sizing Confidence and Accuracy Using High-Resolution Field Measurement Data
Magnetic Flux Leakage inspection tools are generally calibrated on a series of manufactured defects. This has been shown to give good results on a wide range of defects in varying wall thicknesses,Expand
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Effective Improvements to Overcome “Blind Spots” in a Corrosion Management Program and Practical Measures to Verify Effectiveness
The recent industry wide post-ILI pipeline ruptures due to external corrosion happened in a relatively short period of time after the ILI using high-resolution Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) technology.Expand
Overcoming Technical Limitations in Identifying and Characterizing Critical Complex Corrosion
In 2009 a pipeline within the TransCanada pipeline system experienced a rupture. As this pipeline was already under a rigorous In Line Inspection (ILI) based corrosion management program this failureExpand
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Investigation and characterization of constraint effects on flaw growth during fatigue loading of composite materials
An investigative program is presented in an attempt to add to the current understanding of constraint effects on the response of composite materials under cyclic loading. The objectives were: (1) toExpand
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Characterization of Constraint Effects on Flaw Growth
Experimental results have been presented for the case of a flawed unidirectional lamina constrained by off-axis unflawed plies under static and fatigue loading. Flaw growth in the interior of theExpand
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