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A novel cold-active xylanase gene from the environmental DNA of goat rumen contents: direct cloning, expression and enzyme characterization.
A xylanase-coding gene, xynGR40, was cloned directly from the environmental DNA of goat rumen contents and expressed in Escherichia coli BL21 (DE3). The 1446-bp full-length gene encodes a 481-residueExpand
A novel phytase with preferable characteristics from Yersinia intermedia.
A Yersinia intermedia strain producing phytase was isolated from glacier soil. The phytase gene, appA, was isolated by degenerate PCR and TAIL-PCR. The full-length fragment contained 2354bp with aExpand
Diversity of Beta-Propeller Phytase Genes in the Intestinal Contents of Grass Carp Provides Insight into the Release of Major Phosphorus from Phytate in Nature
ABSTRACT Phytate is the most abundant organic phosphorus compound in nature, and microbial mineralization of phytate by phytase is a key process for phosphorus recycling in the biosphere. In theExpand
Identification of an acidic α-amylase from Alicyclobacillus sp. A4 and assessment of its application in the starch industry
Abstract An acidic α-amylase was purified from thermoacidophilic Alicyclobacillus sp. A4 by ion exchange chromatography with 22% recovery, and showed a molecular mass of 64 kDa by SDS–PAGE. Its aminoExpand
A novel highly acidic β-mannanase from the acidophilic fungus Bispora sp. MEY-1: gene cloning and overexpression in Pichia pastoris
Using degenerate polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and thermal asymmetric interlaced PCR, a 1,347-bp full-length complementary DNA fragment encompassing the gene man5A, which encodes a 429-amino acidExpand
High-yield production of a low-temperature-active polygalacturonase for papaya juice clarification.
A novel endo-polygalacturonase (endo-PG I) from Achaetomium sp. Xz8 was identified, overexpressed in Pichia pastoris, and characterized in this report. Recombinant endo-PG I is distinguished fromExpand
Cloning, expression, and characterization of a new xylanase with broad temperature adaptability from Streptomyces sp. S9
  • N. Li, K. Meng, +5 authors B. Yao
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology
  • 3 June 2008
A new xylanase gene, xynAS9, was cloned from Streptomyces sp. S9, which was isolated from Turpan Basin, China. The full-length gene consists of 1,395 bp and encodes 465 amino acids including 38Expand
A novel acidic and low-temperature-active endo-polygalacturonase from Penicillium sp. CGMCC 1669 with potential for application in apple juice clarification
Abstract An endo-polygalacturonase gene ( pg I ) was cloned from Penicillium sp. CGMCC 1669 and expressed in Pichia pastoris . The full-length cDNA consists of 1140 bp and encodes a glycosideExpand
Acidic β-mannanase from Penicillium pinophilum C1: Cloning, characterization and assessment of its potential for animal feed application.
The β-mannanase gene, man5C1, was cloned from Penicillium pinophilum C1, a strain isolated from the acidic wastewater of a tin mine in Yunnan, China, and expressed in Pichia pastoris. The sequenceExpand
Novel low-temperature-active phytase from Erwinia carotovora var.carotovota ACCC 10276.
A phytase with high activity at low temperatures has great potential for feed applications, especially in aquaculture. Therefore, this study used a degenerate PCR and TAIL PCR to clone a phytase geneExpand