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Complete mitochondrial genome of Otis tarda (Gruiformes: Otididae) and phylogeny of Gruiformes inferred from mitochondrial DNA sequences
The complete nucleotide sequence of mitochondrial genome of the Great bustard (Otis tarda) was determined by using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method and showed that Otididae was a sister group to “core Gruiformes” and Charadriiformes with strong support in Bayesian analysis.
Complete nucleotide sequences and gene organization of mitochondrial genome of Bufo gargarizans.
A phylogenetic tree with maximum likelihood (ML) and maximum parsimony (MP) methods is constructed and the phylogenetic relationships among 11 species of Anura is discussed.
Rearrangement of a mitochondrial tRNA gene of the concave-eared torrent frog, Amolops tormotus.
The complete nucleotide sequence of the mitochondrial DNA of Amolops tormotus was determined using polymerase chain reaction (PCR), and among 22 tRNAs, the novel position of the tRNA-His gene was in the D-loop region, which was a novel mtDNA gene rearrangement in amphibians.
Sequence variability analysis on major histocompatibility complex class II DRB alleles in three felines
The variation of the exon 2 of the major histo-compatibility complex (MHC) class II gene DRB locus in three feline species were examined on clouded leopard (Neofelis nebulosa), leopard (Panthera
Identification of Chinese alligators (Alligator sinensis) meat by diagnostic PCR of the mitochondrial cytochrome b gene
The specific primers designed in this study could be widely used for the rapid and accurate identification of not only alligator meat but also other commercial products from Chinese alligator.
The complete mitochondrial genome of salt-water crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) and phylogeny of crocodilians.
The nucleotide sequence of the complete mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) molecule of the salt-water crocodile was determined and suggested that the gharial (Gavialis gangeticus) belongs to Crocodylidae, and the analyses suggest that the African slender-snouted crocodile (Crocodylus cataphractus) can be treated as an isolated genus, and constitutes a sister group toCrocodylus.
β-Keratins in crocodiles reveal amino acid homology with avian keratins
From the phylogenetic analysis, the β-keratins in crocodile have a closer relationship with avian keratins than the other ker atins in reptiles.
Two complete mitochondrial genomes of Crocodylus and implications for crocodilians phylogeny
The results suggest that the gharials joins the false gharial on a common branch, that constitutes a sister group to traditional Crocodylidae, and Mecistops cataphractus is evidently most closely related to Osteolaemus tetraspis within the Alligatoridae.
Population Genetics and Phylogeography of Bufo gargarizans in China
Phylogeographic analyses suggested that past fragmentation and/or long-distance colonization seemed to have shaped the present-day distribution of the haplotypes of B. gargarizans.
Complete sequence and gene organization of the mitochondrial genome of Siamensis Crocodile (Crocodylus siamensis)
The complete sequence of mitochondrial genome of Siamensis Crocodile (Crocodylus siamensis) is determined by using PCR amplification, clone and primer-walking sequencing methods, and the nonstandard stop codes (T) in two protein genes are more than those of most vertebrates.