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Light environment within mature rabbiteye blueberry canopies influences flower bud formation.
Blueberries are an understory species and the light environment in which the plant develops has an important impact on production levels, which implies that growers should maintain certain light levels to allow flower bud formation within the canopy of rabbiteye blueberries. Expand
Photoperiodic Response and Vase Life of Ornamental Sunflower Cultivars
Evaluating the photoperiodic response and vase life of various cultivars of ornamental sunfl ower found them to be quantitative SD plants, but further knowledge is needed about how to control fl owering of the new sun Fl ower cultivars and to facilitate crop scheduling and space planning by fl ower growers. Expand
A 4-year study was conducted to test different methods of both sexual and vegetative propagation on 19 species, finding the optimum germination procedures various seed treatments were tested including: soaking, chilling, and scarification, among others. Expand
Temperature effects on corm dormancy and growth of Zephyra elegans D.Don
Abstract Experiments were performed with the Chilean geophyte Zephyra elegans, a potential cut flower, to evaluate the effect of corm weight and storage temperature on corm dormancy, and to determineExpand
Effects of time and duration of short-day treatments under long-day conditions on flowering of a quantitative short-day sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) ‘Sunrich Orange’
It is suggested that under LD conditions such as found in summer, SD treatment for 2 weeks from the cotyledon or two true leaves stage can promote LD-delayed flowering of quantitative SD sunflower plants without reducing cut flower quality. Expand
Conanthera spp. Life Cycle and Ornamental Potential
The endemic Chilean genus Conanthera belongs to the Tecophilaeaceae family and is distributed in the northern and central parts of Chile, all of which have a fibrous corm and beautiful blue, violet or white flowers of variable size and shape. Expand
Effect of bulb weight on the growth and flowering of Herbertia lahue subsp. lahue (Iridaceae)
It is demonstrated that it is possible to grow lahue as a pot plant or garden plant and that the size of the bulb will determine if fl owering can be achieved. Expand
Effect of Photoperiod on Flowering and Growth of Ornamental Sunflower Cultivars
In the most of cultivars there was no effect of photoperiod on flower and stem diameters, and the cultivar ‘Sailor Moon’ showed a LD response; its flowering was earlier under LD. Expand