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The Heteroptera of the Netherlands Antilles – IV Dipsocoridae
The several Dipsocoridae reported from the Caribbean islands include three species of Cryptostemma: smithi McAtee & Malloch, 1925 (Grenada), uhleri McAtee & Malloch, 1925 (St. Vincent), and prattiExpand
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Notes on the Thysanura (Insecta, Apterygota) of the Canary Islands
The present paper constitutes a report on the Machilidae and Lepismatidae collected by Dr. C. O. van Regteren Altena in the Canary Islands in the spring of 1947. We are much obliged to Dr. vanExpand
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Contribuição ao conhecimento do gênero Zelurus Hahn (Spiniger auct. ) (Reduviidae, Hemiptera)
In the present paper the authors describe the male and female genitalia of various species of Zelurus (=Spiniger). There were not always obtained reliable specific characters, specially in nearlyExpand
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