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FDA-approved small-molecule kinase inhibitors.
Kinases have emerged as one of the most intensively pursued targets in current pharmacological research, especially for cancer, due to their critical roles in cellular signaling. To date, the US FDAExpand
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CtIP links DNA double-strand break sensing to resection.
In response to DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs), cells sense the DNA lesions and then activate the protein kinase ATM. Subsequent DSB resection produces RPA-coated ssDNA that is essential forExpand
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Telomeric 3′ Overhangs Derive from Resection by Exo1 and Apollo and Fill-In by POT1b-Associated CST
A 3' overhang is critical for the protection and maintenance of mammalian telomeres, but its synthesis must be regulated to avoid excessive resection of the 5' end, which could cause telomereExpand
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Apollo contributes to G overhang maintenance and protects leading-end telomeres.
Mammalian telomeres contain a single-stranded 3' overhang that is thought to mediate telomere protection. Here we identify the TRF2-interacting factor Apollo as a nuclease that contributes to theExpand
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Drug/device combinations for local drug therapies and infection prophylaxis.
Combination devices-those comprising drug releasing components together with functional prosthetic implants-represent a versatile, emerging clinical technology promising to provide functionalExpand
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Increasing the efficacy of bioorthogonal click reactions for bioconjugation: a comparative study.
Raising the bar: the efficacy of bioorthogonal reactions for bioconjugation has been thoroughly evaluated in four different biological settings. Powered by the development of new biocompatibleExpand
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Continuous unconventional natural gas accumulations of Carboniferous-Permian coal-bearing strata in the Linxing area, northeastern Ordos basin, China
Abstract Based on results of laboratory tests and a study of exploration wells, we investigate Carboniferous–Permian unconventional natural gases in lateral extension and vertical sequences inExpand
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Boron Nitride Nanotubes Are Noncytotoxic and Can Be Functionalized for Interaction with Proteins and Cells
We report the discovery that boron nitride nanotubes (BNNTs), isosteres of CNTs with unique physical properties, are inherently noncytotoxic. Furthermore, we developed a biomemetic coating strategyExpand
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Scheduling irrigation for jujube (Ziziphus jujuba Mill.)
This study was performed to select suitable indicator for scheduling the irrigation of jujube ( Ziziphus jujuba Mill. ) grown in the Loess Plateau. The relationships between plant-based indicatorsExpand
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Temperature dependence of thermodynamic properties for DNA/DNA and RNA/DNA duplex formation.
A clear difference in the enthalpy changes derived from spectroscopic and calorimetric measurements has recently been shown. The exact interpretation of this deviation varied from study to study, butExpand
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