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Regulation of insulin secretion.
Guinea Pig Anti-Insulin Serum: Adjuvant Effect of H. Pertussis Vaccine
It is concluded that use of H. pertussis vaccine offers a reliable method for the production of large volumes of potent anti-insulin serum. Expand
Effects of adrenergic and cholinergic agents upon insulin secretion in vitro.
Observations suggest that the autonomic nervous system may play a role in the control of insulin secretion under physiological conditions. Expand
Hormonal control of ketogenesis. Rapid activation of hepatic ketogenic capacity in fed rats by anti-insulin serum and glucagon.
The results are consistent with the possibility that the activity of carnitine acyltransferase, and thus ketogenic capacity, is subject to bihormonal control through the relative blood concentrations of insulin and glucagon, as also appears to be the case with hepatic carbohydrate metabolism. Expand
Guinea‐pig anti‐insulin serum
It is shown that under certain conditions guineapigs yield potent anti-insulin serum which can be conveniently assayed in vivo in rats and which will agglutinate insulin-conjugated sheep red cells. Expand
Insulin Secretion by Isolated Islets in Presence of Glucose, Insulin and Anti-Insulin Serum
The concept that insulin in the fluids surrounding Islet tissue can inhibit secretion of insulin by the β-cells is discussed in the light of these results. Expand
Effect of growth hormone on insulin secretion.
It is suggested that growth hormone may play a role in the normal development of islet function and the rate of insulin secretion induced by glucose in vitro is suggested. Expand
A new method for the measurement in vitro of pancreatic insulin secretion.
Pancreatic insulin secretion in vitro is estimated from the fall in insulin-binding capacity of known amounts of GPAIS added to the medium at the beginning of incubation, and the method appears to be specific, since in the presence of glucose no neutralization of GPAis occurs using pancreatic tissue from the alloxan-diabetic rat or normal tissue incubated in the present day. Expand