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Who is Andy Warhol
The importance of being Andy - The 'Warhol's worlds' keynote lecture, 1995, Christopher Hitchens Andy Warhol - Renaissance man, Peter Wollen Andy Warhol the writer, Victor Bockris (****), Amy TaubinExpand
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Autopia: Cars and Culture
Contributors include Michael Bracewell, Ziauddin Sardar, Al Rees, Martin Pawley, Donald Richie and Peter Hamilton. Key texts by Marshall Berman, Jane Jacobs, Roland Barthes, Marc Auge and others.
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The Concept of Fashion in The Arcades Project
Convolute B in Walter Benjamin’s Arcades Project is devoted to fashion.1 It contains no less than ninety-one items, but it would be quite wrong to assume that all of Benjamin’s citations andExpand
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An Endless Adventure...An Endless Passion...An Endless Banquet : A Situationist Scrapbook
A collection of documents and excerpts from articles which traces the history of Situationist International (1957-1962) and its impact on British culture from the 60's to the 80's. Circa 50 bibl. ref.
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Heat and motion stability of polyvalent Crotalidae antivenin, ovine Fab.
This study was conducted to test the hypothesis that a Fab-based crotalid antivenin (FabAV) in commercially packaged vials will remain effective under more extreme heat and motion conditions thanExpand
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The Vienna project
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Rope: Three Hypotheses
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Global Conceptualism : Points of Origin, 1950s-1980s
This exhibition catalogue, featuring work by over 135 artists, covers three decades of conceptual art and examines it from a global perspective, focusing on the important local differences that gaveExpand
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Raiding the Icebox - Reflections on Twentieth-Century Culture
"Raiding the Icebox" presents an alternative history of 20th-century art and culture, focusing especially on the rise and fall of modernism. Beginning with an analysis of the role of Diaghilev andExpand
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