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The structure of graphs not admitting a fixed immersion
  • P. Wollan
  • Mathematics
    J. Comb. Theory, Ser. B
  • 15 February 2013
Disjoint cycles intersecting a set of vertices
Finding topological subgraphs is fixed-parameter tractable
It is proved that for every fixed undirected graph H, there is an O(|V(G)|<sup>3</sup>) time algorithm that tests if there is a immersion of H into a given graph G, and this answers another open question raised by Downey and Fellows in 1992.
A shorter proof of the graph minor algorithm: the unique linkage theorem
This paper provides a new and much simpler proof of the correctness of the Graph Minor Algorithm and proves the "Unique Linkage Theorem" without using Graph Minors structure theorem.
Immersions in Highly Edge Connected Graphs
It is shown that if the maximum degree in H is $\Delta$, then all the examples of $\Delta$-edge connected graphs which do not contain $H$ as a weak immersion must have a treelike decomposition called a tree-cut decomposition of bounded width.
Voting in Agreeable Societies
Examples of situations where sets model preferences and develop extensions of classical theorems about convex sets that can be used in the analysis of voting in "agreeable" societies are given.