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Theory of Multi‐Component Fluid Mixtures. II. A Corresponding States Treatment
The theoretical basis for a theorem of corresponding states for mixtures is examined in a rigorous manner by the use of statistical mechanics. With the aid of the general theory of mixtures presentedExpand
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Introduction to Liquid Crystals
1 Liquid Crystal Mesophases.- 1. Mesophases.- 1.1 Disordered Crystal Mesophases.- 1.2 Ordered Fluid Mesophases.- 2. Types of Liquid Crystals.- 2.1 Thermotropic Liquid Crystals.- 2.2 Lyotropic LiquidExpand
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Critical point in the magnetic field-temperature phase diagram of nematic liquid crystals
Abstract The mean field theory is used to examine the effects of a magnetic field applied to a nematic fluid having positive diamagnetic anisotropy. The H-T phase diagram exhibits a line of firstExpand
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Introduction to the Molecular Theory of Smectic-A Liquid Crystals
In this chapter we consider the very simplest approach to the molecular theory of liquid crystals. We shall approach the theory phenomenologically, treating the problem of the existence of theExpand
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Theory and measurement of the change in chemical potential of hydrogen in amorphous HxWO3 as a function of the stoichiometric parameter x
Abstract Measurements of the variation of the chemical potential μH of hydrogen in amorphous films of HxWO3 were made at room temperature over the composition range from x=0.002 to x=0.5. The μHExpand
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Constant-coupling theory of nematic liquid crystals
The well-known constant-coupling theory of ferromagnetism has been adapted to the problem of the nematic liquid crystal. A cluster variational formulation of the theory is developed. The calculationsExpand
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