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A review of observed variability in the dayside ionosphere of Mars
Recent measurements by Mars Global Surveyor and Mars Express have greatly increased the number of observations of the martian dayside ionosphere available for study. Together with earlierExpand
Polar warming in the Mars thermosphere: Seasonal variations owing to changing insolation and dust distributions
Received 13 July 2005; revised 16 December 2005; accepted 27 December 2005; published 27 January 2006. [1] Warming of the martian lower thermosphere (100–130 km) at north polar latitudes near theExpand
Mars Global Surveyor and Mars Odyssey Accelerometer observations of the Martian upper atmosphere during aerobraking
[1] Mars Global Surveyor and Mars Odyssey accelerometer measurements of martian upper atmospheric densities reveal the large-scale and small-scale structure of the thermosphere in unprecedentedExpand
Atmospheric entry profiles from the Mars Exploration Rovers Spirit and Opportunity
Abstract Accelerometer measurements made by Spirit and Opportunity during their entries through the martian atmosphere are reported. Vertical profiles of atmospheric density, pressure, andExpand
Loss of the Martian atmosphere to space: Present-day loss rates determined from MAVEN observations and integrated loss through time
Observations of the Mars upper atmosphere made from the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) spacecraft have been used to determine the loss rates of gas from the upper atmosphere to spaceExpand
Observations of the nightside ionosphere of Mars by the Mars Express Radio Science Experiment (MaRS)
[1] The vertical structure of the nightside ionosphere of Mars and its dependence on solar zenith angle are currently poorly determined, as is the importance of two key sources of nightside plasma,Expand
Observations of thermal tides in the middle atmosphere of Mars by the SPICAM instrument
[1] We use vertical profiles of Martian atmospheric density, pressure, and temperature from the Mars Express SPICAM UV spectrometer to study thermal tides in the poorly studied middle atmosphereExpand
Effects of Solar Flares on the Ionosphere of Mars
Observations of solar flares, causing up to 200% enhancements to the ionosphere of Mars, as recorded by the Mars Global Surveyor in April 2001 are reported. Expand
A sporadic layer in the Venus lower ionosphere of meteoric origin
[1] The Venus Express Radio Science (VeRa) experiment aboard Venus Express has detected, by means of radio occultation, distinct, low-lying layers of electron density below the base (115 km altitude)Expand
The dayside ionospheres of Mars and Venus: Comparing a one-dimensional photochemical model with MaRS (Mars Express) and VeRa (Venus Express) observations
Abstract The electron density distributions of the lower ionospheres of Mars and Venus are mainly dependent on the solar X-ray and EUV flux and the solar zenith angle. The influence of an increasingExpand