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Early clinical experience with subcutaneous naratriptan in the acute treatment of migraine: a dose‐ranging study
Naratriptan is a novel, potent agonist at the 5HT1B/1D receptor. A total of 335 migraine patients were treated in this randomized, double‐blind, placebo‐controlled, dose‐ranging, in‐clinic study, toExpand
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Kaon pair production close to threshold
Abstract The total cross section of the reaction p p → p p K + K − has been measured at excess energies Q = 10 MeV and 28 MeV with the magnetic spectrometer COSY-11. The new data show a significantExpand
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Energy dependence of the Λ/Σproduction cross-section ratio in p-p interactions
Abstract.The production of the Λ- and Σ0-hyperons has been measured via the pp → pK+Λ/Σ0 reaction at the internal COSY-11 facility in the excess energy range between 14 and 60 MeV. The transition ofExpand
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Hadronic He-3 eta production near threshold
Measurements of {eta} meson production in proton-deuteron collisions have been performed using the COSY-11 facility at COSY (Juelich). Results on total and differential cross sections for theExpand
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The analyzing power for the pp -> ppn reaction at Q = 10 MeV
R. Czyżykiewicz1a,b, P. Moskal, H.-H. Adam, A. Budzanowski, E. Czerwiński, D. Gil, D. Grzonka, M. Janusz, L. Jarczyk, B. Kamys, A. Khoukaz, K. Kilian , P. Klaja, B. Lorentz, J. Majewski, W. Oelert,Expand
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First close-to-threshold measurement of the analysing power Ay in the reaction p⃗p → ppη
At the internal facility COSY-11 a first measurement of the reaction \(\vec p\) p → ppη near the production threshold has been performed. Results for the analysing power will be presented and aExpand
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Total and differential cross-sections for the $pp\rightarrow pp\eta^\prime$ reaction near threshold
Abstract.The $\eta^\prime$-meson production in the reaction $pp\rightarrow pp\eta^\prime$ has been studied at excess energies of Q = 26.5, 32.5 and 46.6 MeV using the internal beam facility COSY-11Expand
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