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Evaluation of toothpastes by their ability to assist rehardening of enamel in vitro.
A Knoop hardness indenter has been used to evaluate the ability of toothpastes containing fluoride to assist the rehardening of human enamel in vitro. Measurements were made on enamel specimens before
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The effect of abrasion on enamel and dentine and exposure to dietary acid
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Iridium implant treatment without external radiotherapy for operable breast cancer: a pilot study.
A pilot study has been conducted to examine a new approach to the treatment of operable breast carcinoma. 27 patients with tumours measuring up to 4 cm in diameter have been treated by tumourectomy,Expand
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Combined chemotherapy and radiotherapy for locally advanced breast cancer.
Abstract To test the feasibility of combining radiotherapy and chemotherapy as the primary management of locally advanced breast cancer, 24 patients were allocated to receive either 4 courses ofExpand
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Inadequacy of iridium implant as sole radiation treatment for operable breast cancer.
In order to avoid a prolonged course of external irradiation as part of breast conservation therapy, 27 patients received an iridium implant to the primary tumour bed as sole radiation treatment.Expand
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Prognosis in inoperable stage III carcinoma of the breast.
Abstract One hundred and eighty-four patients with inoperable Stage III breast cancer presenting to the Guy's Hospital Breast Unit between 1961–1973 were treated initially by radiotherapy alone. TheExpand
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Prognostic factors in oral squamous carcinoma and their relation to clinical staging.
One hundred and three patients with an oral squamous carcinoma were studied in an attempt to determine the clinical factors which affect survival. The 5 yr actuarial survival of the whole group ofExpand
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Relationship between the ballistocardiogram and the movement of blood from the left ventricle in the dog.
This study was undertaken to investigate the possible relation between myocardial contractility and the pattern of the head-foot force ballistocardiogram. Dogs previously prepared with implantedExpand
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Contribution of prednisolone to the primary endocrine treatment of advanced breast cancer.
Two hundred and four patients with progressive locally advanced or metastatic breast cancer not controllable by local therapy alone, and who had had no prior systemic therapy for advanced disease,Expand
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Assessment of skin dose and its relation to cosmesis in the conservative treatment of early breast cancer.
A conservation technique has been developed for the treatment of early breast cancer which involved removal of the tumor, axillary clearance, tumor site implantation with Iridium-192 wires for aExpand
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