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Double blind, randomised, placebo controlled study of a platelet activating factor antagonist, lexipafant, in the treatment and prevention of organ failure in predicted severe acute pancreatitis
It is shown that antagonism of PAF activity on its own is not sufficient to ameliorate SIRS in severe acute pancreatitis, and power calculations for future studies in severe Acute pancreatitis will need to allow for this.
Acute pancreatitis as a model of sepsis.
The similar clinical and biochemical features between severe acute pancreatitis and sepsis make the former an excellent model for studying the pathogenesis of the sepsi syndrome.
World Checklist of Myrtaceae
Structural architecture of the ocean–continent boundary at an oblique transform margin through deep-imaging seismic interpretation and gravity modelling: Equatorial Guinea, West Africa
Abstract Along the Rio Muni transform margin, the transition from continental to oceanic crust occurs across a region of approximately 75-km width. The crust in this transition region, termed
Structure and evolution of an obliquely sheared continental margin: Rio Muni, West Africa
Abstract Oblique-shear margins are divergent continental terrains whose breakup and early drift evolution are characterized by significant obliquity in the plate divergence vector relative to the
Metastases from renal cell carcinoma presenting as gastrointestinal bleeding: two case reports and a review of the literature
In one patient bleeding heralded the primary manifestation of disease and in the other signified recurrence of disease following nephrectomy, highlighting the importance endoscopic vigilance in cases of undiagnosed upper gastrointestinal haemorrhage, especially in patients with a past history of renal cell carcinoma.
Incorporation of the Australian genera Halosarcia, Pachycornia, Sclerostegia and Tegicornia into Tecticornia (Salicornioideae, Chenopodiaceae)
It is proposed that these genera Halosarcia, Pachycornia, Sclerostegia, Tecticornia and Tegicornia be subsumed into a single genus for which the most appropriate available name is TECTicornia.