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IMG: the integrated microbial genomes database and comparative analysis system
The Integrated Microbial Genomes system serves as a community resource for comparative analysis of publicly available genomes in a comprehensive integrated context and provides tools and viewers for analyzing and reviewing the annotations of genes and genomes inA comparative context. Expand
Usable PIR
The issue of designing efficient PIR mechanisms in practical set-based protocols for preserving client access patterns leakage is raised. Expand
Building castles out of mud: practical access pattern privacy and correctness on untrusted storage
A first practical system -- orders of magnitude faster than existing implementations -- that can execute over several queries per second on 1Tbyte+ databases with full computational privacy and correctness is built. Expand
PrivateFS: a parallel oblivious file system
Extensions providing fork consistency against an actively malicious adversary and new de-amortization techniques bring the worst case query cost in line with the average cost are presented. Expand
Why and how do journals retract articles? An analysis of Medline retractions 1988–2008
Journals' retraction practices are not uniform and some retractions fail to state the reason, and therefore fail to distinguish error from misconduct, which is used to inform guidelines on retractions. Expand
Construction planning, programming, and control
Preface - The Construction Industry - Construction Management and Organisation - The Planning Process - Programming Techniques - Establishing Contract Budgets - Planning During Construction - ProjectExpand
The constitution of the home: Towards a research agenda
Abstract The home has been a neglected research area in housing studies. This paper represents one preliminary attempt to explore the role of the home in contemporary British society. Key concernsExpand
Single round access privacy on outsourced storage
The client folds an entire interactive sequence of Oblivious RAM requests into a single query object that the server can unlock incrementally, to satisfy a query without learning its result. Expand
Causes and Consequences? Exploring the Shape and Direction of the Housing System in the UK Post the Financial Crisis
The impacts of the global financial crisis continue to reverberate around the world. This paper explores its impacts in the UK in general and England in particular in relation to the housing marketExpand
What Price a Living Wage?
This article sets out to examine ways in which a living wage might be implemented in the global apparel sector. We argue that an increase in the unit labour cost element of the free on board priceExpand