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The role of interleukin–15 in T–cell migration and activation in rheumatoid arthritis
The presence of high concentrations of IL–15 in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) synovial fluid and its expression in thesynovial membrane lining layer by immunohistochemistry suggest that IL-15 can recruit and activate T lymphocytes into the synovIAL membrane, thereby contributing to RA pathogenesis.
Chemoattraction of human blood T lymphocytes by interleukin-15
Recombinant interleukin (IL)-15, derived from a simian kidney epithelial cell line, is a chemoattractant for human blood T lymphocytes judged by its ability to increase the proportion of cells in
Assays of leukocyte locomotion and chemotaxis.
  • P. Wilkinson
  • Biology
    Journal of immunological methods
  • 1 July 1998
Chemotaxis and inflammation
In vitro anaphylactic release of neutrophil chemotactic factor (NCF) from the skin was investigated and it was found that the cellular infiltration migth produce a prolonged inflammatory reactions after immediate wheal and flare in the cutaneousAnaphylaxis.
Effects of staphylococcal products on locomotion and chemotaxis of human blood neutrophils and monocytes.
The effects of staphylococcal products as chemo-attractants for human blood neutrophils and monocytes and as inhibitors of locomotion of these cells were studied with bacterial cells, culture
Uncoupling of stem cell inhibition from monocyte chemoattraction in MIP‐1alpha by mutagenesis of the proteoglycan binding site.
We have studied the role of proteoglycans in the function of Macrophage Inflammatory Protein‐1 alpha (MIP‐1alpha), a member of the proteoglycan binding chemokine family. Sequence and peptide analysis
Identification of IL-8 as a locomotor attractant for activated human lymphocytes in mononuclear cell cultures with anti-CD3 or purified protein derivative of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
It is shown that, during a period of up to 72 h of culture, IL-8 is released in nanomolar quantities into the supernatant and that the lymphocyte chemoattractant activity of these supernatants is inhibited by incubation with anti-IL-8.
Heterogeneity of peripheral blood monocyte populations in human immunodeficiency virus-1 seropositive patients.
There exists a more dynamic situation of recruitment, activation and maturation of peripheral blood monocytes driven by HIV infection which results in a broader phenotypic profile.
The chemoattractant activity of rheumatoid synovial fluid for human lymphocytes is due to multiple cytokines
The majority of synovial fluids from 29 rheumatoid arthritis patients were strongly attractive for normal blood lymphocytes judged by assays of polarization and collagen gel invasion, suggesting that attraction of lymphocytes by the fluids is due to a combination of attractants.