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‘It was nothing to do with the university, it was just the people’: the role of social support in the first‐year experience of higher education
This article argues that to understand higher education student retention, equal emphasis needs to be placed on successful integration into the social world of the university as into the academicExpand
Using texting to support students’ transition to university
This article argues that judicious use of mobile phone text messaging by university staff has the potential to enhance the support provided to students by an academic department during the transitionExpand
“Me mother's bank and me nanan's, you know, support!”: Women who left domestic violence in england and issues of informal support
Attention to domestic violence in developed countries has focused on agency responses. However, domestic violence is a widespread and long-term problem which agencies alone will be unable to resolve.Expand
Is Parent Abuse a Form of Domestic Violence?
  • P. Wilcox
  • Psychology
  • Social Policy and Society
  • 5 January 2012
There is a lack of research on parent abuse in the UK and a lack of research on the overlap between domestic violence and parent abuse internationally. This article explores why this is the case.Expand
Constructing the victim and perpetrator of domestic violence
Introduction How we talk about domestic violence is very important; what is expressed and not expressed, the exchange of cultural attitudes, stories, jokes all contribute to how individuals,Expand
Lone Motherhood: the Impact on Living Standards of Leaving a Violent Relationship
This paper presents findings from doctoral research which looked at the social support of women leaving domestic violence. In this paper the focus is on one aspect of that study: the living standardsExpand
Surviving Domestic Violence
Surviving Domestic Violence: Gender, Poverty and Agency
How do women survive domestic violence? What actions do they take? How important are their children? How do they relate to their home? Are they able to keep their jobs? What responses do they getExpand
Quality care and safety know no borders
The public, governmental agencies, and payers expect medical professional organisations to develop practice guidelines and technical standards. The American College of Radiology proactively addressesExpand
Managing differences in stakeholder relationships and organizational cultures in e-learning development: lessons from the UK eUniversity experience
In 2000 the UK Government launched a major new initiative, the UK eUniversity (UKeU), to capitalize on the potential of e-learning. With over £60 million of investment the UKeU was created to act asExpand