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Long-Term Stability of Planets in Binary Systems
A simple question of celestial mechanics is investigated: in what regions of phase space near a binary system can planets persist for long times? The planets are taken to be test particles moving inExpand
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The Evolution of Long-Period Comets
We study the evolution of long-period comets by numerical integration of their orbits, a more realistic dynamical approach than the Monte Carlo and analytic methods previously used to study thisExpand
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A meteoroid stream survey using the Canadian Meteor Orbit Radar II: Identification of minor showers using a 3D wavelet transform
Abstract A 7 year survey using the Canadian Meteor Orbit Radar (CMOR), a specular backscattering orbital radar, has produced three million individually measured meteoroid orbits for particles withExpand
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The trajectory, structure and origin of the Chelyabinsk asteroidal impactor
Earth is continuously colliding with fragments of asteroids and comets of various sizes. The largest encounter in historical times occurred over the Tunguska river in Siberia in 1908, producing anExpand
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Earth’s Trojan asteroid
It was realized in 1772 that small bodies can stably share the same orbit as a planet if they remain near ‘triangular points’ 60° ahead of or behind it in the orbit. Such ‘Trojan asteroids’ have beenExpand
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On the origin of the unusual orbit of Comet 2P/Encke
Abstract The orbit of Comet 2P/Encke is difficult to understand because it is decoupled from Jupiter—its aphelion distance is only 4.1 AU . We present a series of orbital integrations designed toExpand
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Stability limits for the quasi-satellite orbit
An asteroid moving around the Sun having approximately the same mean motion and mean longitude as a planet, but a different eccentricity, circles the planet like a retrograde satellite even when theExpand
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The Stability of Planets in the Alpha Centauri System
This paper investigates the long-term orbital stability of small bodies near the central binary of the Alpha Centauri system. Test particles on circular orbits are integrated in the field of thisExpand
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A dynamical model of the sporadic meteoroid complex
Abstract Sporadic meteoroids are the most abundant yet least understood component of the Earth's meteoroid complex. This paper aims to build a physics-based model of this complex calibrated with fiveExpand
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Asteroid 2002 VE68, a quasi-satellite of Venus
The asteroid 2002 VE68 is currently a quasi-satellite of Venus, the first object of this dynamical class to be discovered, and is also the first known co-orbital companion to Venus. Our computationsExpand
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