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Learning as discourse change: A sociocultural mechanism
ABSTRACT: This paper deals with a theoretical mechanism for learning and a methodolo-gical approach for analyzing meaning making in classroom talk and action. It examines thepotential of the approachExpand
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Absence of Trade‐Offs Between Sexual Size Dimorphism and Early Male Emergence in a Butterfly
Protandry, here defined as the earlier emergence of males, is a common feature in life histories and could be the result of sexual selection on males to maximize matings, or alternatively anExpand
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Seasonal plasticity in growth and development of the speckled wood butterfly, Pararge aegeria (Satyrinae)
Regulation of growth and development by photoperiod was studied in a population of the speckled wood butterfly, Purarge aegeria L. (Lepidoptera: Satyrinae), from southern Sweden. Individuals wereExpand
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Aesthetic Experience in Science Education: Learning and Meaning-Making as Situated Talk and Action
Aesthetic Experience in Science Education: Learning and Meaning-Making as Situated Talk and Action
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  • P. Wickman
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Evolution; international journal of organic…
  • 1 October 1992
Temperate butterflies of 44 species were examined to determine if their mating system (perching and patrolling) affected flight design. To control for spurious effects due to ancestry, 25 of theseExpand
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The practical epistemologies of the classroom: A study of laboratory work
The practical epistemologies of university students during laboratory work in chemistry are analyzed to enhance understanding of how teaching practices interact with learners. The purpose is toExpand
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TErritorial defence and mating success in males of the small heath butterfly, coenonympha pamphilus L. (Lepidoptera: Satyridae)
Abstract It has long been recognized that territorial defence in male butterflies must be some sort of mating strategy and that the territories are used as mating stations. However, so far, noExpand
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Larval aestivation and direct development as alternative strategies in the speckled wood butterfly, Pararge aegeria, in Sweden
ABSTRACT. 1 Sweden has two disjunct populations of the speckled wood butterfly, Pararge aegeria L. The southern population has two generations per year but the central Swedish population isExpand
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Thermoregulation and habitat use in butterflies.
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Describing and Analyzing Learning in Action: An Empirical Study of the Importance of Misconceptions in Learning Science.
Although misconceptions in science have been established in interview studies, their role during the learning process is poorly examined. In this paper we use results from a classroom study to analExpand
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