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A review of the potential impacts of climate change on surface water quality
Abstract It is now accepted that some human-induced climate change is unavoidable. Potential impacts on water supply have received much attention, but relatively little is known about the concomitantExpand
Computation of the instantaneous unit hydrograph and identifiable component flows with application to two small upland catchments
Abstract Our approach is based upon three factors: (i) the representation of total streamflow response as a linear convolution of the instantaneous unit hydrograph with rainfall excess; (ii)Expand
A nitrogen model for European catchments: INCA, new model structure and equations
Abstract. A new version of the Integrated Nitrogen in Catchments model (INCA) was developed and tested using flow and streamwater nitrate concentration data collected from the River Kennet duringExpand
A semi-distributed ntegrated itrogen model for multiple source assessment in tchments (INCA): Part I — model structure and process equations
A new model has been developed for assessing multiple sources of nitrogen in catchments. The model (INCA) is process based and uses reaction kinetic equations to simulate the principal mechanismsExpand
Hyperresolution global land surface modeling: Meeting a grand challenge for monitoring Earth's terrestrial water
Monitoring Earth's terrestrial water conditions is critically important to many hydrological applications such as global food production; assessing water resources sustainability; and flood, drought,Expand
Flow controls on lowland river macrophytes: a review.
It is suggested that whilst the characteristics of any particular macrophyte community reflect the integral effects of a combination of the factors, fundamental importance can be attributed to the role of discharge and velocity in controlling instream macrophytes colonisation, establishment and persistence. Expand
Nitrous oxide emission from a range of land uses across Europe
The results of a literature study examining quantitative estimates of N 2 O emission rates are presented for a range of land-uses across Europe. The analysis shows that the highest N 2 O emissionExpand
A semi-distributed integrated flow and nitrogen model for multiple source assessment in catchments (INCA): Part II — application to large river basins in south Wales and eastern England
The integrated nitrogen in catchments (INCA) model is applied to two large river basins, the River Tywi in south Wales and the Great Ouse in eastern England. These two catchments have contrastingExpand
The Integrated Catchments model of Phosphorus dynamics (INCA-P), a new approach for multiple source assessment in heterogeneous river systems: model structure and equations
Abstract. A new model has been developed for assessing the effects of multiple sources of phosphorus on the water quality and aquatic ecology in heterogeneous river systems. The Integrated CatchmentsExpand
Modeling the mechanisms that control in‐stream dissolved organic carbon dynamics in upland and forested catchments
[1] We present a new, process-based model of soil and stream water dissolved organic carbon (DOC): the Integrated Catchments Model for Carbon (INCA-C). INCA-C is the first model of DOC cycling toExpand