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Travel As Transition : Identity and Place
Abstract This paper examines how mid-life and older long-term travelers describe their motivations for and their experiences of journeys through the Australian Outback. It studies their accounts toExpand
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Home and away: Tourists in a Connected World
Abstract Tourists now routinely travel with cell phones, have ready access to Internet cafes, and use low-cost fixed telephone services to remain in contact with people at home. Using the guidingExpand
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PspA and PspC: their potential for use as pneumococcal vaccines.
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Effect of Bundled Payments and Health Care Reform as Alternative Payment Models in Total Joint Arthroplasty: A Clinical Review.
BACKGROUND In an effort to control rising healthcare costs, healthcare reforms have developed initiatives to evaluate the efficacy of alternative payment models (APMs) for Medicare reimbursements.Expand
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Eustachian tube function and tympanic membrane findings after chronic secretory otitis media.
OBJECTIVE The etiology of secretory otitis media (SOM) is multifactorial. The main factors discussed are infection and tubal dysfunction. This study aimed to detect poor tubal function and tympanicExpand
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Patient-Specific Total Knees Demonstrate a Higher Manipulation Rate Compared to "Off-the-Shelf Implants".
Patient-specific total knee replacements have been designed in hopes of providing better functional outcomes compared to "off-the-shelf" implants in primary total knee arthroplasty (TKA). WeExpand
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Beta-agonists and surfactant in eustachian tube function.
The presence of surface tension lowering substances (surfactants) is demonstrable in the Eustachian tube (ET) and the middle ear, both in animals and in humans. In the lungs, beta-adrenoceptorExpand
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Nonviolence as a Weapon of the Resourceful: From Claims to Tactics in Mobilization*
Recent world events have renewed interest among social movement scholars in strategies and associated outcomes in campaigns against nondemocratic regimes. Most comparative work is limited toExpand
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Crises and Crisis Generations: The Long-term Impact of International Crises on Military Political Participation
ABSTRACT Why do states facing high levels of international threat sometimes have militaries that are heavily involved in government and at other times relatively apolitical, professional militaries?Expand
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