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Evolution and distribution of the New Zealand flora, as affected by quaternary climates
Abstract The present distribution and ecology of New Zealand plants is discussed from a historical viewpoint.It is suggested that during the Miocene a southern extension of the New ZealandExpand
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Dacrycarpus dacrydioides forests in South Westland between the Waitangitaona and Saltwater rivers occur on low terraces of alluvial silt. Their relationship to other river flat and swamp communitiesExpand
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New Zealand Forest to Alpine Transitions in Global Context
ABSTRACT New Zealand high-altitude tree limits are formed either abruptly by evergreen Nothofagus or by low forest of more frost-tolerant small trees reaching similar maximum altitudes. Whereas mostExpand
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Fraxinus Excelsior L.
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Effects of glacial climates on floristic distribution in New Zealand 1. A review of the evidence
Abstract The hypothesis that the Otira Glaciation left a profound imprint on the present distribution of flora and vegetation is reviewed, in relation to an alternative hypothesis that patterns ofExpand
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Variations of the Glaciers of Westland National Park and the Hooker Range, New Zealand
Abstract The post-glacial variations of 18 glaciers were studied, using maps, photographs, historical records, counts of growth rings of trees and shrubs, iicheno-metry, stages of development ofExpand
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Causes of Alpine Timberline: A Review of the Hypotheses
Timberline, or the low-temperature limits of forest and tree growth, is one of the most fundamental ecological boundaries. Below timberline, foliage and reproductive structures are successfullyExpand
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The Regeneration of Fraxinus Excelsior in Woods with a Field Layer of Mercurialis Perennis
Fraxinus excelsior ranges almost throughout lowland Britain, occupying soils with a surface pH greater than about 4'2. In woodland communities it is accompanied by Mercurialis perennis, except onExpand
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Environmental influences on the vegetation of New Zealand
Abstract This review develops three themes, the first of which assesses how far lhe environment is reflected in the form and functioning of native plants. It is shown that the mild New ZealandExpand
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