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Fluoro-fatty Acids in the Seeds of Dichapetalum toxicarium
IT was reported by Peters, Hall, Ward and Sheppard1 that the seeds of Dichapetalum toxicarium contain at least two fluorinated long-chain fatty acids. The acid present in by far the larger amount wasExpand
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Some factors affecting the interaction of hyaluronic acid with bovine-plasma albumin.
Abstract In veronal buffer at pH 8.6, hyaluronic acid and bovine plasma albumin may form a complex which is evident in electrophoretic patterns as a peak intermediate between those for theExpand
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Werner's syndrome; with a report of two cases.
Abstract Two cases of Werner's syndrome are presented, with a discussion of the important clinical features of this entity which include short stature, premature senility, juvenile cataracts,Expand
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Production of Ethanol and Succinate by Moniliformis dubius (Acanthocephala)
LAURIE1,2 found that formate, acetate and lactate were the chief excretory products from the carbohydrate metabolism of Moniliformis dubius, and we have found lactate and succinate to be the mostExpand
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A reliable method for scintillation counting of 14CO2 trapped in solutions of sodium hydroxide, using a scintillant suitable for general use
Abstract Two mixtures were devised that gave stable and highly accurate counting of 14 CO 2 in aqueous NaOH. The first was Unisolve 1, water, 5% (w/v) aqueous NaOH in the proportions 200:15:1, byExpand
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The solar constant and the solar spectrum as measured from a high altitude research aircraft.
Solar constant and solar spectral irradiance measurements from high altitude research aircraft, discussing radiation measuring instruments
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