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A new resource allocation strategy based on the relationship between subproblems for MOEA/D
A new resource allocation strategy based on the relationship between sub-problems for MOEA/D is proposed, which suggests that the designed algorithms have some advantages over existing state-of-the-art algorithms. Expand
An improved particle filter for mobile robot localization based on particle swarm optimization
A hybrid localization approach based on the particle filter and particle swarm optimization algorithm is presented, focusing on the localization tasks when an a priori environment map is available, resulting in an accurate and robust particle filter based localization algorithm that is able to work in symmetrical environments. Expand
Stable Controller Design for T–S Fuzzy Control Systems with Piecewise Multi-linear Interpolations into Membership Functions
This paper uses the information of the premises of the T–S fuzzy control systems to reduce the conservativeness of the stabilization conditions, and proves that when the MFs are both single-Variate and multi-variate, their results can stabilize the T-S fuzzycontrol systems. Expand
Solving a system of linear equations: From centralized to distributed algorithms
A detailed overview of the state of the art relevant to distributed algorithms for solving a system of linear equations, including both discrete-time and continuous-time algorithms, and the extended algorithms to achieve communication efficiency are provided. Expand
A Partial Augmented Lagrangian Method for Decentralized Electric Vehicle Charging in Capacity-Constrained Distribution Networks
A partial augmented Lagrangian method is presented to disperse the coupling constraint by introducing a penalty term, and an iterative procedure is designed such that each EV and feeder line update in parallel until satisfying the terminal condition. Expand
Handling Inherent Delays in Virtual IoT Gateways
VGATE is proposed, an edge-based virtualized IoT gateway for bringing these devices together in a single framework using SDRs as technology agnostic radioheads using GNU Radio-based IEEE 802.15.4 experimental setup. Expand
An efficient kriging modeling method for high-dimensional design problems based on maximal information coefficient
This work proposes a novel kriging modeling method which combines k Riging with maximal information coefficient (MIC) and shows that the proposed method is more competitive than KPLS, which means it is an efficient kriged modeling method for high-dimensional problems. Expand
Double-swing method used for polishing off-axis aspherical mirrors
  • P. Wang, Jun-feng Li, +4 authors J. Xie
  • Mathematics, Engineering
  • International Symposium on Advanced Optical…
  • 11 May 2009
Based on the characteristics of off-axis aspherical surface, a new method used for polishing off-axis aspherical mirrors-Double-Swing Method (DSM) is proposed in this paper, and the polishingExpand