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How old is the Asian monsoon system?—Palaeobotanical records from China
The recent discovery of monsoon records in early Miocene raised a question of the time when the East Asian monsoon system initiated. A distinguishing feature of the modern monsoon system is itsExpand
Late Miocene and mid-Pliocene enhancement of the East Asian monsoon as viewed from the land and sea
Abstract The late Miocene onset of the Indian monsoon and the late Miocene and middle Pliocene enhancement of the East Asian monsoon appear to be the result of coeval uplift episodes in theExpand
Deep-sea pollen from the South China Sea: Pleistocene indicators of East Asian monsoon
Abstract A high-resolution pollen record (sampling interval averages 820 years) has been obtained from ODP Site 1144 (water depth 2037 m), northern South China Sea. The 504-m sequence (in compositionExpand
The global monsoon across time scales: Mechanisms and outstanding issues
Abstract The present paper addresses driving mechanisms of global monsoon (GM) variability and outstanding issues in GM science. This is the second synthesis of the PAGES GM Working Group followingExpand
The global monsoon across timescales: coherent variability of regional monsoons
Abstract. Monsoon has earned increasing attention from the climate community since the last century, yet only recently have regional monsoons been recognized as a global system. It remains a debatedExpand
Vegetation on the Sunda Shelf, South China Sea, during the Last Glacial Maximum
Pollen and phytoliths from sediment cores 5018300, 18302 and 18323 on the continental shelf of the southern South China Sea are analyzed, with special attention to reconstructing vegetation andExpand
Development of the East Asian monsoon and Northern Hemisphere glaciation: oxygen isotope records from the South China Sea
Abstract Oxygen isotope records of the surface-dwelling foraminifer Globigerinoides ruber from ODP Site 1143 in the southern South China Sea (SCS) are presented for the last 5 Ma. The G. ruber δ18OExpand
A 4-Ma record of thermal evolution in the tropical western Pacific and its implications on climate change
article i nfo Orbital resolution thermal histories over the last 4 Ma at ODP Site 1143 in the tropical western Pacific are reconstructed using alkenone paleothermometry. The temperature profile isExpand
Evolution of the South China Sea and monsoon history revealed in deep-sea records
As the third summary report of ODP Leg 184 to the South China Sea (SCS), this paper discusses the evolution of the East Asian monsoon and the SCS basin. A multi-proxy approach, involvingExpand