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Shared Services: Lessons from the Public and Private Sectors for the Nonprofit Sector
Shared services arrangements in the Australian third sector are becoming more common. Notably, however, there is a lack of information to guide nonprofit organisations through the development andExpand
Collaboration of public sector agencies: reporting and accountability challenges
There is increasing pressure being placed on government agencies both in Australia and internationally to act in a more collaborative, integrated manner. Community and welfare programs are beingExpand
Editorial: Mid Staffordshire public inquiry: will patients' voices be heard?
The Berwick review has included just three individuals to provide a patient/carer perspective and my fear is that as a result a report which may have a huge influence on whether key recommendations which came from the Mid Staffordshire inquiry are implemented may be fundamentally flawed and lack public confidence. Expand
More than just a roof: a study of family homelessness in Queensland
The reality of family homelessness is one of the major social tragedies confronting our society. As this research report argues, thousands of Queenslanders experience this unacceptable reality eachExpand
Hearing loss--an underestimated public health problem.
A survey of a random sample of South Australians provides data suggesting that hearing loss has been underestimated as a public health problem, and the need for an epidemiological study which measures actual hearing impairment is discussed. Expand
An exploration of the implementation of open disclosure of adverse events in the UK: a scoping review and qualitative exploration
There are several clear strategies that the NHS could learn from to implement and sustain a policy of openness and there was little evidence for the effectiveness of disclosure alone on organisational or individual outcomes or of interventions to promote and support open disclosure. Expand
Improving patient safety through the involvement of patients: development and evaluation of novel interventions to engage patients in preventing patient safety incidents and protecting them against
This paper aims to provide a history of medical negligence in the United Kingdom over a 40-year period from 1989 to 2002, a period chosen in order to establish a baseline for the design of future accident investigation procedures. Expand
Medical Error, the Law and Alternative Approaches
  • P. Walsh
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  • The Medico-legal journal
  • 2007
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