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Blackness and Race Mixture: The Dynamics of Racial Identity in Colombia
The idea of "racial democracy" in Latin American populations has traditionally assumed that class is a more significant factor than race. But, despite the emergence of a "mesitizo" class - people who
Race and ethnicity in Latin America
  • P. Wade
  • Political Science, History
  • 1 March 1999
Preface To Second Edition Introduction 1. The Meaning Of 'Race' And 'Ethnicity' 2. Black And Indigenous Peoples In Latin America 3. Early Approaches To Blacks And Indigenous People, 1920s-1960s 4.
Rethinking Mestizaje : Ideology and Lived Experience
The ideology of mestizaje (mixture) in Latin America has frequently been seen as involving a process of national homogenisation and of hiding a reality of racist exclusion behind a mask of
the cultural politics of blackness in Colombia
  • P. Wade
  • Sociology, Political Science
  • 1 May 1995
Recent political mobilization by blacks in Colombia challenges notions about the “invisibility” of blackness there and the structural difficulties of political mobilization. It also raises issues
Images of Latin American mestizaje and the politics of comparison
In a presidential address to the Organization of American Historians, Gary Nash (1995) reveals ‘the hidden history of mestizo America’ (by which he in fact means North America). The emergence of what
Race and Sex in Latin America
  • P. Wade
  • Political Science
  • 7 September 2009
1. Introduction: defining race and sex 2. Explaining the articulation of race and sex 3. Race and sex in colonial Latin America 4. Making nations through race and sex 5. The political economy of race
Racial identity and nationalism: a theoretical view from Latin America
The empirical intersection of ideas about race and nation are well-established, but theoretical explanations for this are less developed. Some ideas are advanced about how and why ideologies of race,
Music, race, & nation : música tropical in Colombia
Long a favourite on dance floors in Latin America, the "porro", "cumbia" and "vallenato" styles that make up Colombia's "musica tropical" are now enjoying international success. How did music - which