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A Process Model of the Formation of Spatial Presence Experiences
In order to bridge interdisciplinary differences in Presence research and to establish connections between Presence and “older” concepts of psychology and communication, a theoretical model of theExpand
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Enjoyment: At the Heart of Media Entertainment
This article suggests an integrated view of media entertainment that is capable of covering more of the dimensional complexity and dynamics of entertainment experiences than existing theories do.Expand
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Media entertainment: The psychology of its appeal.
Contents: Preface. D. Zillmann, The Coming of Media Entertainment. P. Vorderer, Interactive Entertainment and Beyond. D. Zillmann, Humor and Comedy. P. Vorderer, S. Knobloch, Conflict and Suspense inExpand
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It’s okay to shoot a character: Moral disengagement in violent video games
What makes virtual violence enjoyable rather than aversive? Two 2×2 experiments tested the assumption that moral disengagement cues provided by a violent video game’s narrative and game play lessenExpand
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Explaining the enjoyment of playing video games: the role of competition
The tremendous and still growing popularity of computer and video games has inspired Communication Researchers and Media Psychologists to investigate the factors of the enjoyment experienced by the players. Expand
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Measuring the experience of digital game enjoyment
Wijnand IJsselsteijn, Wouter van den Hoogen, Christoph Klimmt, Yvonne de Kort, Craig Lindley, Klaus Mathiak, Karolien Poels, Niklas Ravaja, Marko Turpeinen, and Peter Vorderer 1 Eindhoven UniversityExpand
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The Video Game Experience as “True” Identification: A Theory of Enjoyable Alterations of Players' Self‐Perception
This article introduces an explication of video game players' identification with a game character or role that is based on social-psychological models of self-perception. Contrasting withExpand
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Interactive entertainment and beyond
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Identification with the Player Character as Determinant of Video Game Enjoyment
In this paper, identification with a game character is discussed as mechanism of computer game enjoyment. Expand
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Media Psychology is not yet there: Introducing Theories on Media Entertainment to the Presence Debate
This article briefly presents concepts related to media entertainment that have been elaborated and/or applied by media psychologists and that exhibit considerable overlaps with the explication of presence. Expand
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