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Death and survival during the 1994 genocide in Rwanda
  • P. Verwimp
  • History, Medicine
  • Population studies
  • 1 July 2004
This paper reports a quantitative study of the genocide in the prefecture of Kibuye in western Rwanda in 1994. It uses a database produced from a house-to-house survey of victims by the organizationExpand
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A micro-level perspective on the dynamics of conflict, violence and development
This volume presents an innovative new analytical framework for understanding the dynamics of violent conflict and its impact on people and communities living in contexts of violence. BringingExpand
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The Analysis of Conflict: A Micro-Level Perspective
This article introduces a special issue on the micro-level dynamics of mass violent conflict. While most analyses of conflict typically adopt a regional, national or global perspective, often usingExpand
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Machetes and Firearms: The Organization of Massacres in Rwanda
This article is a quantitative study of the use of machetes and firearms during the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, Kibuye Prefecture. The machete is an agricultural tool owned by most Rwandan householdsExpand
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Measuring the quality of education at two levels: A case study of primary schools in rural Ethiopia
This paper constructs two measures of the quality of education. The first one is a quality measure on the institutional level, it is derived inductively from the answers provided by school directorsExpand
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Health in fragile states. Country case study: Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Since 1994 conflict in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has created a major humanitarian crisis that significantly colors the way in which donor programs are conceivedExpand
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Civil War, Crop Failure, and Child Stunting *
Economic shocks at birth have lasting impacts on children’s health several years after the shock. We calculate height for age z-scores for children under age five using data from a Rwandan nationallyExpand
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Development ideology, the peasantry and genocide: Rwanda represented in Habyarimana's speeches
Some societies have, in the past, opposed manual and intellectual labor with the latter giving in general more prestige to its performer. Such a concept not only seems outdated but also unacceptableExpand
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The 1990-1992 Massacres in Rwanda: A Case of Spatial and Social Engineering?
Until now, two main sets of arguments have dominated the debate on the nature of the massacres that were perpetrated in Rwanda before the 1994 genocide. The first one maintains that they constitutedExpand
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N2-adsorption on amorphous aluminosilicates: Application of the Kelvin equation and the T-plot analysis for mixed micro-mesoporous materials
Amorphous aluminosilicates prepared by three different sol-gel procedures were submitted to N2-adsorption for textural evaluation. For each sample series, deviation of the experimental results fromExpand
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