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Chiral dynamics in the large N limit
We construct an effective lagrangian describing the low-energy spectrum and dynamics of the pseudoscalar nonet in the large Ncolour limit of QCD. Effects of the axial anomaly and of a possibleExpand
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Chiral Estimate of the Electric Dipole Moment of the Neutron in Quantum Chromodynamics
Abstract Current algebra for CP violating strong interactions is investigated. In particular, the neutron electric dipole moment D n is shown to behave as θm π 2 1n m π 2 for small pion mass m π andExpand
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Possible Health Implications of Subjective Symptoms and Electromagnetic Fields
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The INTERPHONE study: design, epidemiological methods, and description of the study population
The very rapid worldwide increase in mobile phone use in the last decade has generated considerable interest in the possible health effects of exposure to radio frequency (RF) fields. A multinationalExpand
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Low-energy behavior of gluons and gravitons from gauge invariance
We show that at tree level, on-shell gauge invariance can be used to fully determine the first subleading soft-gluon behavior and the first two subleading soft-graviton behaviors. Our proofs of theExpand
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(F,Dp) bound states from the boundary state
Abstract We use the boundary state formalism to provide the full conformal description of (F,D p ) bound states. These are BPS configurations that arise from a superposition of a fundamental stringExpand
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A Lagrangian formulation of the classical and quantum dynamics of spinning particles
Abstract A spinning particle is described in terms of its position φ μ ( τ ) and of an additional spin degree of freedom ψ μ ( τ ) which is an odd element of a Grassmann algebra. Its motion isExpand
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A 1/n Expandable Series of Nonlinear Sigma Models with Instantons
Abstract We formulate and discuss in detail the recently discovered C P n−1 non-linear σ models in two dimensions. We find that the fundamental particles in these theories are confined by aExpand
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A locally supersymmetric and reparametrization invariant action for the spinning string
Abstract We construct an action for the spinning string which is locally supersymmetric and reparametrization invariant using the techniques of supergravity. In a special gauge it is shown that theExpand
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In this paper we give a general procedure for the construction of the physical states in the case of intercept α(0) = 1. This procedure exhibits in an explicit form the “bootstrap” requirement thatExpand
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