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Capacity of fading channels with channel side information
The Shannon capacity of a fading channel with channel side information at the transmitter and receiver, and at the receiver alone is obtained, analogous to water-pouring in frequency for time-invariant frequency-selective fading channels. Expand
In this paper, we shall give a brief account of the main ideas in the theory of differential games. Our presentation will be limited to two player, zero sum, differential games, except for a fewExpand
Stochastic Systems: Estimation, Identification, and Adaptive Control
The mathematics of filtering and ee/ise 556: stochastic systems fall 2013 usc search identification and system parameter estimation 1991 gbv is described. Expand
Performance Analysis of Slotted Carrier Sense IEEE 802.15.4 Medium Access Layer
Whether this MAC scheme meets the design constraints of low-power and low-cost sensor networks is analyzed, and a detailed analytical evaluation of its performance in a star topology network, for uplink and acknowledged uplink traffic is provided. Expand
Smart cars on smart roads: problems of control
Key features of one automated intelligent vehicle/highway system (IVHS) are outlined, it is shown how core driver decisions are improved, a basic IVHS control system architecture is proposed, and aExpand
Supervisory control of discrete-event processes with partial observations
Extends certain aspects of the work of P.J. Ramadge and W.M. Wonham on the control of a class of discrete-event processes to the case of decentralized control. Expand
Asymptotically efficient allocation rules for the multiarmed bandit problem with multiple plays-Part II: Markovian rewards
At each instant of time we are required to sample a fixed number m \geq 1 out of N i.i.d, processes whose distributions belong to a family suitably parameterized by a real number \theta . TheExpand
What's decidable about hybrid automata?
It is proved that the reachability problem is undecidable for timed automata augmented with a single stopwatch, and an (optimal) PSPACE reachability algorithm is given for the case of initialized rectangular automata. Expand
PEDAMACS: power efficient and delay aware medium access protocol for sensor networks
For the traffic application the authors consider, the PEDAMACS network provides a lifetime of several years compared to several months and days based on random access schemes with and without sleep cycles, respectively, making sensor network technology economically viable. Expand
WTRP - wireless token ring protocol
WTRP is a distributed protocol that supports many topologies, as not all stations need to be connected to each other or to a central station, and it is robust against single node failures, and recovers gracefully from multiple simultaneous faults. Expand