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Further observations and records for butterflies (Lepidoptera) in northern Australia
'Euploea netscheri' Snellen and 'Prosotas gracilis' (Rober) are recorded within Australian limits in Torres Strait for the first time. The female of 'Charaxes latona' Butler from Iron Range isExpand
A revision of the genus 'Hypochrysops' C. and R. Felder (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae) [Book Review]
Review(s) of: A revision of the genus 'Hypochrysops' C. and R. Felder (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae), by D. P. A. Sands. 'Entomolograph' Vol. 7. 116 pages, illustr. 1986, E. J. Brill/Scandinavian ScienceExpand
The life history of 'Libythea geoffroy nicevillei' Olliff (Lepidoptera: Libytheidae)
The life history of 'Libythea geoffroy nicevillei' Olliff is described and brief comments on adult and larval behaviour are presented. The host plant 'Celtis paniculata' (Endl.) Planch. (Ulmaceae) isExpand
New records of Lycaenidae and Hesperiidae (Lepidoptera) from northern Queensland
Distribution extensions for eight species of Hesperiidae and seven species of Lycaenidae are given. 'Acrodipsas brisbanensis' (Miskin) is recorded from northern Queensland for the first time.
Notes on the biology and morphology of 'Hesperilla sarnia' Atkins (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae)
'Hesperilla sarnia' Atkins is recorded breeding on 'Scleria laevis' Retz (Cyperaceae). Egg, larval and pupal descriptions are given, together with comments on adult morphology.
An insular subspecies of 'Hesperilla malindeva' Lower (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae) from northern Queensland
'Hesperilla malindeva dagoomba' ssp. n. is described from Magnetic Island, northern Queensland. It is distinguished from mainland populations by the reduced maculation in both sexes.
Some new larval food plants for north Queensland Lycaenidae (Lepidoptera)
Previously unrecorded larval food plants for sixteen species of lycaenid butterflies are described and reference is made to polyphagy in some ant-attended species.
Notes on life histories and biology of the species of Neohesperilla Waterhouse and Lyell (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae).
The life histories and biology of 'Neohesperilla crocea' (Miskin), 'N. senta' (Miskin), 'N. xanthomera' (Meyrick and Lower) and 'N. xiphiphora' (Lower) are described. The species feed on the grassesExpand