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Phenolics: From Chemistry to Biology
In recent years, few classes of natural products have received as much attention as phenolics and polyphenols. This special issue of Molecules, “Phenolics and Polyphenolics”, is a remarkableExpand
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The sterol profiles of dominant macroalgae occurring in the western Portuguese coast were evaluated. An analytical procedure, involving alkaline hydrolysis and extraction followed by separation byExpand
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Antioxidant activity of Centaurium erythraea infusion evidenced by its superoxide radical scavenging and xanthine oxidase inhibitory activity.
Centaurium erythraea Rafin. (Gentianaceae) has long been used in traditional medicine. This plant contains considerable amounts of polyphenolic compounds, namely, xanthones and phenolic acids as theExpand
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Quantitation of nine organic acids in wild mushrooms.
The organic acids composition of six wild edible mushroom species (Amanita caesarea, Boletus edulis, Gyroporus castaneus, Lactarius deliciosus, Suillus collinitus, and Xerocomus chrysenteron) wasExpand
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Comparative study of phytochemicals and antioxidant potential of wild edible mushroom caps and stipes.
A comparative study of the organic acids and phenolics composition and of the total alkaloids content of entire wild edible mushrooms (Russula cyanoxantha, Amanita rubescens, Suillus granulatus andExpand
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Water and methanolic extracts of Salvia officinalis protect HepG2 cells from t-BHP induced oxidative damage.
Common sage (Salvia officinalis L., Lamiaceae) is an aromatic and medicinal plant well known for its antioxidant properties. Some in vivo studies have shown the biological antioxidant effects ofExpand
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In vitro studies to assess the antidiabetic, anti-cholinesterase and antioxidant potential of Spergularia rubra.
Spergularia rubra is distributed all over the world, being its infusion used as diuretic. In spite of its large use, the antidiabetic, anti-cholinesterase and antioxidant activities of this speciesExpand
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Phenolics and antimicrobial activity of traditional stoned table olives 'alcaparra'.
In the present work, we report the determination of phenolic compounds in 'alcaparra' table olives by reversed-phase HPLC/DAD, and the evaluation of their extract in vitro activity against severalExpand
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Effect of the conservation procedure on the contents of phenolic compounds and organic acids in chanterelle (Cantharellus cibarius) mushroom.
To check the influence of the conservation procedure in the chemical composition of chanterelle mushroom, phenolic compounds and organic acids of samples preserved under four different conditionsExpand
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Influence of two fertilization regimens on the amounts of organic acids and phenolic compounds of tronchuda cabbage (Brassica oleracea L. Var. costata DC).
A phytochemical study was undertaken on tronchuda cabbage (Brassica oleracea L. var. costata DC) cultivated under conventional and organic practices and collected at different times. Six organicExpand
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