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Cleavage of aggrecan at the Asn341-Phe342 site coincides with the initiation of collagen damage in murine antigen-induced arthritis: a pivotal role for stromelysin 1 in matrix metalloproteinase
OBJECTIVE The destruction of articular cartilage during arthritis is due to proteolytic cleavage of the extracellular matrix components. This study investigates the kinetic involvement ofExpand
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THU0037 Immune complex-induced inhibition of osteoclastogenesis is mediated via activating, but not inhibitory FCGAMMA receptors on myeloid precursor cells
Background Rheumatoid arthritis is characterized by osteoclast-mediated bone loss. Co-stimulatory signalling via ITAM- and ITIM-coupled receptors is essential for osteoclast formation and function.Expand
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THU0455 Transcriptomics to Identify Synovial Genes and Pathways Associated with Disease Progression in A Cohort of Early Osteoarthritis Patients (CHECK)
Background If and how the synovial activation that is observed in over 50% of osteoarthritis (OA) patients contributes to irreversible joint pathology, is not known. Objectives To identify pathwaysExpand
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High LDL levels lead to increased synovial inflammation and accelerated ectopic bone formation during experimental osteoarthritis.
OBJECTIVE A relation between osteoarthritis (OA) and increased cholesterol levels is apparent. In the present study we investigate OA pathology in apolipoprotein E (ApoE)(-)(/-) mice with and withoutExpand
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Cytosolic phospholipase A2α gene silencing in the myeloid lineage alters development of Th1 responses and reduces disease severity in collagen-induced arthritis.
OBJECTIVE Several lines of evidence implicate cytosolic phospholipase A(2)α (cPLA(2)α) as a critical enzyme in inflammatory disorders, including rheumatoid arthritis. Since cells from the myeloidExpand
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OP0146 Alarmins S100a8/S100a9 Aggravate Osteophyte Formation in Experimental Osteoarthritis and PREDICT Osteophyte Progression in Early Human Osteoarthritis in the Dutch CHECK Cohort
Background The main pathological feature of osteoarthritis (OA) is degradation of the articular cartilage. Other important hallmarks include subclinical inflammation of the synovium and ectopicExpand
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FcγRI up-regulation induced by local adenoviral-mediated IFN-γ production aggravates chondrocyte death during immune-complex-mediated arthritis
Using various FcγR-deficient mice, we have obtained suggestive evidence that FcγRI on macrophages is responsible for severe cartilage destruction during arthritis mediated by immune complexes (ICs)Expand
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SAT0034 WISP1 Aggravates Osteoarthritis by Modulation of TGF-β Signaling and Positive Regulation of Canonical WNT Signaling
Background Many osteoarthritis (OA) patients show synovial activation, which is suggested to be involved in joint destruction. Previously, we found strong upregulation of Wnts 2b and 16 in theExpand
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