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PKMζ maintains memories by regulating GluR2-dependent AMPA receptor trafficking
The maintenance of long-term memory in hippocampus, neocortex and amygdala requires the persistent action of the atypical protein kinase C isoform, protein kinase Mζ (PKMζ). We found thatExpand
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Blocking Synaptic Removal of GluA2-Containing AMPA Receptors Prevents the Natural Forgetting of Long-Term Memories
The neurobiological processes underpinning the natural forgetting of long-term memories are poorly understood. Based on the critical role of GluA2-containing AMPA receptors (GluA2/AMPARs) inExpand
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PKMζ maintains 1‐day‐ and 6‐day‐old long‐term object location but not object identity memory in dorsal hippocampus
Continuous activity of the atypical protein kinase C isoform M zeta (PKMζ) is necessary for maintaining long‐term memory acquired in aversively or appetitively motivated associative learning tasks,Expand
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Dehydroepiandosterone and its sulphate enhance memory retention in day-old chicks
We report the presence of dehydroepiandosterone (DHEA) and DHEA sulphate (DHEA-S) in the day-old-chick brain, and their possible role in memory formation. DHEA and DHEA-S were present in the brain atExpand
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Phosphorylation of CaMKII at Thr253 occurs in vivo and enhances binding to isolated postsynaptic densities
Autophosphorylation of Ca2+‐calmodulin stimulated protein kinase II (CaMKII) at two sites (Thr286 and Thr305/306) is known to regulate the subcellular location and activity of this enzyme in vivo.Expand
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The maintenance of long‐term memory in the hippocampus depends on the interaction between N‐ethylmaleimide‐sensitive factor and GluA2
The maintenance of established memories has recently been shown to involve the stabilization of GluA2‐containing AMPA receptors (GluA2/AMPARs) at postsynaptic membranes. Previous studies haveExpand
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Maturational Changes in the Subunit Composition of AMPA Receptors and the Functional Consequences of Their Activation in Chicken Forebrain
AMPA receptors play a critical role in synaptic plasticity and brain development. Here we show that Ca2+ uptake in response to AMPA receptor activation decreases dramatically during maturation inExpand
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Early Expression of Hypocretin/Orexin in the Chick Embryo Brain
Hypocretin/Orexin (H/O) neuropeptides are released by a discrete group of neurons in the vertebrate hypothalamus which play a pivotal role in the maintenance of waking behavior and brain stateExpand
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Biochemical, behavioural and electrophysiological investigations of brain maturation in chickens
It is convenient to divide the development of synaptic networks into two phases: synapse formation during which synaptic contacts are established, and a subsequent maturation phase during whichExpand
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